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The Story So Far

Jason Demma is a seasoned creative operating in Chicago and the clouds. Whether leading a team of artists and writers, collaborating with colleagues, or working directly with clients of all stripes, he stands at the intersection of big ideas and the stories that share them.

A Chicago native with a fine arts and theatre background, Jason is a multi-faceted artist with extensive experience developing stories, brands and design that extend a compelling rational or emotional case to an audience. Once a playwright, turned copywriter / designer and then creative director, he has spent the past 15 years bringing ideas to life in print, staged, and on screens.

Comfortable in print, digital, video, live and social spaces his work has run the creative gauntlet in every direction from concept to completion. He believes each piece deserves individual artistic attention and that a well-crafted campaign is brewed with meticulous attention to composition.

A father, writer and wild dreamer he sees no job too daunting and no client too slight. Open to communication whenever is good for you.

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